Monday, February 16, 2009

Tips On Getting A Mortgage For Your Home

Are you thinking of buying a new house? If you are, then a good mortgage deal is something you should shop for before you proceed in scouting for a new house. And choosing the right home mortgage loan can be so complicated that you really have to get guidance for it.

To help you with the task of choosing the right mortgage deal, here are some good tips you can follow:

1. Evaluate your financial status. What is your potential as a borrower? How much can you manage to pay from your monthly income? Know your current financial situation and decide from there.

2. Go to the right lender. Today, there are almost a thousand mortgage companies working hard to reach potential customers. And each of these lenders has their own set of mortgage deals worth checking out. It is just a matter of selecting the best one that fits your general lifestyle.

3. Understand the mortgage deal. If you are good with numbers, try to analyze the annual interest, the principal, and the rest of the financial elements of your mortgage. Then you should be able to decide which deal to take. If in any case, you don't have the numerical ability to analyze mortgage figures, talk to an expert. Let him enlighten you on the facts and figures surrounding the mortgage.

4. Know more about the application requirements. The mortgage won't be given to you in a silver platter and that's a fact. You have to go through the right channels and the proper application process. Go to the lender that is more likely to approve your loan over those who won't.

5. Know all the other elements involved in the mortgage. The elements include valuations and surveys, as well as insurance policy coverage. These are equally important things that you need to consider. Your mortgage will always have these two in the package. Knowing more about the lender's guidelines for these necessities will help you much in the decision-making stages.

6. Seek the help of a professional mortgage counselor. If self-teaching proved to be unworthy, get an impartial but reliable financial counselor. Have him evaluate what you've got against what you are trying to get and how you intend to get it. Professionals can educate you, if not directly advice you, as to how you should go about buying your new house.

These are six good tips you can follow if and when you intend to get a home mortgage. Follow these and you will soon wake up in the new environment of your new house.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Mortgage

The Secret Of Home Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing your home mortgage comes with numerous advantages. Primarily, home mortgage refinancing could save you a lot of home on your payment. It can also allow you to pay off the full home mortgage faster, especially when you have feasible terms.

When you’re planning to refinance your home mortgage loan, make sure to consider these four important things to ensure it will not cause any problems afterwards:

* Learn the terms of your original mortgage

Before shopping around for the appropriate home mortgage lender, ensure that your original mortgage does not have pre-payment penalties or any kind of early payoff penalty.

Many people refinance their home mortgage not knowing that they will be charged for a pre-payment penalty. These penalties usually range from six months up to three years, plus another penalty for early payoff.

Although penalty amount varies, the average pre-payment penalty amounts to a six-month worth of mortgage interest. In order to justify refinancing mortgage loans with pre-payment penalties, you need to have significant payment and interest savings.

* Maximize your options

In order to ensure you’re getting the lowest rate in the market, apply for pre-approvals to several different lenders. However, make sure that the lender is not pulling out your credit history during an initial pre-approval application.

Be aware that every time your credit history is pulled, it slightly reduces your credit score. When your credit history has too many inquiries, this may prevent you from refinancing your mortgage loan with a low rate.

In addition, assess different lender offers concerning interest rate offerings and closing costs. Remember that these two factors will largely affect your lender choice. Choose a lender with feasible rates to maximize your mortgage refinancing benefits.

* Choose your lender

Once you have compared different lenders, you can now allow your choice of lender to pull your credit history. Then, make sure to get the interest rates and closing costs into writing. Ask your lender to provide you with a quotation in advance of all possible costs involved with your loan.

Ask for information about whether the refinancing loan, which you will be getting, has pre-payment penalties. Most lenders leave this important information out, knowing they might scare consumers away.

In refinancing home mortgage, make sure you shop around and assess different lending options. Do not grab the first opportunity that comes before you. Be a smart consumer and refinance your home mortgage with the lowest rate possible.